Put a letter from A-Z in my ask and I’ll tell you 1 thing I love which starts with that letter.


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i made a 3d mik wazowskaman


this looks like a man just got switched into a cats body and he’s having some self realization of the situation and he’s buggin

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most common thought: damn haha im going to have to deal with that sooner or later


#explainafanimeplotbadly two girls decide to become idols and sell their souls to satan

#explainafanimeplotbadly girl meets a pink unicorn and takes drugs that make her a magical girl

#explainafanimeplotbadly girl tries to become student body president to save the vending machines enforce justice. at least for the first 2 episodes.

#explainafanimeplotbadly an otaku alien must save the world and be cute

#explainafanimeplotbadly the evil god of prophecy goes to school

#explainafanimeplotbadly a green maned WW2 contributor finds out what happens to his country


the whole gang of “heros” is done!

ill post the individuals for tomomi, kenta, and chizuru soon!!!


Thank you so much for funding the Cucumber Quest Kickstarter 100%! A few stretch goals have been revealed here.

By the way… did you take a look at our video? A lot of love went into it! Special thanks to Aaron, Drak, Toby, and Eliza and Nate for all of their help making this.

Also, thanks to everyone who tried out for the role of Count Legato! I’m sorry I couldn’t respond to everyone individually, but it was a really tough decision to make with so many great auditions.


consider the following: asking me about my ocs

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The most fun a poor art history major can have without selling their soul for the ability to travel the world. 

Google maps lets you go in places now: Musee d’Orsay, The Met, Versailles, all of the places above, and tons more. I am pleased. 

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